Auto Insurance

Automotive Insurance

Spracklen Insurance is an agency that provides multiple coverage options with flexible payment plans for all your auto insurance needs. We represent, GuideOne, SafeCo, Travelers, Progressive, and other insurance carriers. We provide auto insurance coverage for needs such as cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles. We also offer discounts for youthful operators with good grades and have completed an approved driver’s training program.

FaithGuard and LifeStages Auto

FaithGuard is another dimension of GuideOne insurance that provides auto coverage for people who are practicing their faith, such as worship activities, travel, and other lifestyle avenues. FaithGuard Auto is a specialized type of endorsement that can be added to any Guideone auto policy and provides special benefits that reward faithful church attendees.

LifeStages Auto is GuideOne’s new three auto insurance program. Life Stages Auto is designed for any stage you and your family is at in life. LifeStages Auto meets you where you need it most and allows customized plans that you can choose. LifeStages Auto offers three different options which are described below.

  1. Economy AutoTM insurance is a simple, straightforward policy to help you meet your state requirements.* It also offers you convenient ways to manage your money, with flexible payment options.
  2. With our Value AutoTM insurance solution, you get a lot of features at a fair price. Combine limited liability and collision protection with benefits like pet injury coverage and waived deductible for windshield repair.
  3. Premier AutoTM insurance is the most comprehensive plan available. Increased coverage amounts, transportation expenses, new car replacement – plus perks like Accident Forgiveness and Diminishing Deductible – all come standard.


Four different options for auto insurance coverage include, Safeco Essential, Safeco Enhanced, Safeco Superior, and Safeco Ultra.  Below is a more in depth layout of the different coverage options provided by Safeco

Safeco Essential is a cost-effective policy that’s ideal for price-conscious customers looking for solid, basic coverage. It offers:

  • Our lowest price on auto insurance.
  • Coverage for your core auto insurance needs.
  • A perfect blend of coverage and value.

Safeco Enhanced covers primary insurance needs with the option to add more coverages at a competitive price. It also includes:

  • Accident forgiveness.
  • Audio, visual and customized equipment coverage.
  • Optional original parts replacement.

Safeco Enhanced covers primary insurance needs with the option to add more coverages at a competitive price. It also includes:

  • Accident forgiveness.
  • Audio, visual and customized equipment coverage
  • Optional original parts replacement.

Safeco Ultra is our highest level of auto insurance coverage and is fully loaded with features like:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance automatically included.
  • Coverage for emergency expenses in the event of an accident.

• Coverage for personal property inside your car.

Teen Safety Rewards

There are different rewards that teenagers may receive that discount your insurance plan as long as your teenager qualifies. The Driver Training Discount applies if your teen maintains a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better, makes the honor roll, or is in the top 20% of their class. Another discount offered is a Driver Training Discount which applies to those whose teen driver has completed a driver’s education program.  Lastly, the Tenure Reward includes customers who have been with Safeco for two or more years can save when they add a teen driver to their policy. The Tenure Reward allows a 16- or 17-year-old driver to be rated like an 18-year-old.

Motorcycle, RV, and Watercraft Insurance

Spracklen Insurance provides policies for your motorcycles, RV’s, and watercraft insurance needs using Progressive, Safeco, Travelers, and Foremost insurance carriers. We understand that your motorcycle, RV, or Watercraft is your prize possession and we want to provide safety and peace of mind for all of your property. With each of these plans we can insure that your personal property will be protected in any event.

Spracklen is committed to finding the optimum plan for all of your automotive and recreational insurance needs. Whether your need is to protect your property on the road, in the water, or in storage for winter; Spracklen Insurance offers coverage for every season.